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Welcome to the "TEENIE TWO" and the "TINWIND" web site
This site is a link to "The MiniCoupe.com" site where you can order plans for Cal Parker's "Teenie Two" and his
"TINWIND" (Tinni Three).
You should have already been sent on to "www.theminicoupe.com", but if not "click" on the link below to find out more about the "Teenie Two".
QUALIFIES FOR "SPORTPLANE" CATEGORY, so no FAA medical is required to fly one.

EMPTY WEIGHT - 310 lbs.

FUEL - 9 gallons.

WING SPAN - 18 feet, 19 feet 10 inches w/wingtips.

LENGTH - 12 feet 10 inches.

GROSS WEIGHT - 590 Ibs - normal 550 Ibs.

CLIMB - 800 fpm.

LIFTOFF AT - 50 mph.

CRUISE - 3/4 throttle 110 mps 2 1/2 gph.

TOP SPEED level 120 mph - Up to 140 mph
with full canopy & cowl.

TRICYCLE GEAR 350 x 4 tires & wheels.

LAND AT - 50 mph.

No metal working or riveting experience needed.

Completed 75 hour test flying as required by the FAA.

Video tape showing construction steps, VW Engine conversion booklet, and CD with construction photos and informational documents - included with the plans-


Teenie Two Volkswagen powered all aluminum home built airplane. Easy to build and easy to fly. Order your plans and get started today.

This model featured in Popular Mechanics May 1971.

PLANS $125 USD add $10 USD S&H
International add $30 USD

Plans include full size rib and bulkhead patterns, V. W. Conversion Booklet, Video tape, and CD with construction photos and informational documents.

We also have fiberglass wingtips available, which greatly enhance the performance of the Teenie Two. They are only $325 plus S&H.


DCS, Inc.
12618 Millstream Drive
Bowie, MD. 20715-1618




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